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  • Adult or adult related, marriage, dating and multilevel marketing classifieds are not allowed.
  • If a website is promoted, you must be the registered owner of the domain according to the whois record.
  • Promoting third party affiliate programs is not allowed.
  • For job offers, you must be the employer or employe and a detailed job description must be included.
  • Please find the most appropriate category.
  • Duplicate copies of the same ad are not allowed.
  • For SPAM protection, your E-Mail address will not be publicly posted with your ad. If someone wishes to respond to your ad, the contact form provided with each ad, will instantly forward the message.
  • Do not type your ad all in caps. This is considered rude.
  • No HTML tags! They are stripped from all ads.
  • Check your spelling before submitting your ad.
Misuse will result in a permanent ban from using the service! Adeum is a free service. We reserve the right to delete any ad or account without further notice.

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