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Say Merry Christmas With A New Blouse

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Christmas may be more about cheering people during the long winter with its long nights and cold days. We know that pagans celebrated during winter to rejoice that the harvest was over. They celebrated to appease their pagan Gods so that the next growing season would be good one. These joyous events usually occurred around the Winter Solstice, the beginning of winter. As Catholic missionaries slowly converted the pagans to Christianity they were allowed to continue with some of their winter celebrations. The early Catholic Church was celebrating Easter, but, gave no thought to Christ's birthday. The Bible gives no reference to the day Jesus was born. In an effort to bring the pagans closer to Christ, the Catholic Church chose December 25th to celebrate the birth of Christ. It is believed this occurred during the 4th century AD.
As the centuries moved on, worship of Christ's birthday was changing as well. It is believed that the first Christmas tree was introduced in Germany maybe in the 1500s. Gift giving is believed to have started during the Victorian Era. Queen Victoria gave gifts to her husband, Prince Albert, and her children. Singing of hymns at Christmas Mass didn't show up until about the 13th century and is credited to St. Francis of Assisi. Once upon a time, not long ago Christmas carolers would walk through their neighborhoods singing Christmas carols.
Since those early beginnings, Christmas has evolved into what it is today. Celebrating the birth of Christ and, of course, giving and receiving of gifts. Putting up a Christmas tree, decorating it, and placing gifts under it, with great anticipation of Christmas day. And, buying the gifts to give those loved ones is what makes this "the season to be jolly."
Who is the best Santa's helper for giving great Christmas gifts to the ones you love?, that's who. One will find the best and most current and lavish styles in Blouses(, long sleeved blouses and Off The Shoulder Blouses( Start your own Christmas tradition by shopping, the prices are hard to beat, the styles are out of this world and you can put a new meaning in Merry Christmas.
Shop wise, shop well, shop ZNU.

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Posted: Wed Dec 28 09:09:15 2016 GMT

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