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Wayne T. Martin, D.D.S., P.C.

Contact: Wayne T. Martin, D.D.S., P.C.
(Member since September 2017)
Phone: (251) 968-4446

"If you’ve ever felt apprehensiontowardgoing to the dentist, you’re not alone. Despite a myriad of benefits, many people may feel inclined to avoid visiting their local office due to their anxiety.But it doesn’t have to be thisway—Gulf Shores, AL, dentistWayne T. Martin D.D.S. is working to eliminate negative connotations associatedwith what should be a relaxing and beneficial visit to the dentist.
Dr.Martin,D.D.S. has a steadfastfocus ontakingthe time to createa serene atmosphere within the office andhelpingpatients feel at ease during their appointment. By dedicating his attentionto the office’saestheticsand maintaining a heightened level of comfort, it’sa haven of health for familiesin the area.
This practice also believes strongly in the partnership between a client and their dentist. By providing personalized attention, they work with you as a team to improve your oral healthand create a treatment plan tailored to addressyour needs. There is no better defense in the fight for greatteeth and healthy gums than the patient. For this reason, Dr. Martin, D.D.S. will always keepyou informed on the details of yourdental history so younot only have the tools needed to achieve your goalsbut can also gain a sense ofempowerment usingthe knowledge going forward.
Turn your visits to the dentist into a positive experience when you go to the office of Wayne T. Martin D.D.S.Goonlineor call (251) 968-4446 today to schedule an appointment."

Location: United States, Alabama, 245 Clubhouse Dr. Gulf Shores AL 36542

Posted: Wed Sep 13 09:52:49 2017 GMT

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