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Category Antiques / Glass, Ceramics, Porcelain

Contact: Michael Doane
(Member since October 2017)

Neither man nor woman will ever admit that the opposite gender is smarter, stronger, live longer or drive better! I could concentrate on one thing for long periods of time, I seemed to always have a witty comeback to any comment, I just generally felt more 'connected' to what was going on around me. Having a low thyroid function creates fatigue and decreased motivation. A separate study by Mendum et al. also found BPA in receipts in 8 of 10 receipts tested, some with "very high doses." BPA is also found in polycarbonate plastic such as hard plastic water bottles and baby bottles, plastic silverware, plastic items labeled #7 or PC, linings of food and beverage cans, infant formula cans, and dental sealants.

Location: United States, Kentucky, New York

Posted: Wed Oct 11 11:56:04 2017 GMT

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